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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is friday july 24th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a shooting rampage at a louisiana theater. a gunman opens fire in the middle of the movie. three people are killed, including the shooter. hillary clinton could face a new criminal investigation over her e-mail. and astronomers find earth's older cousin. a new discovery that could harbor live over a thousand light years away. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> he stood up and began shooting at the whole crowd.
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>> a gunman opens fire at a louisiana theater. >> including the 58-year-old. >> we do not have commonsense gun safety laws. >> wildfires are burning in the west. they've spread to six states. napa valley is over 15% contained. preliminary autopsy reports find bland committed suicide. >> the justice department to open a criminal investigation. at issue her private e-mail account. >> donald trump traveled to the mexican border. >> i'll bring those jobs. ♪ summer trumpin' have me a blast summer trumpin', he's such an ass ♪ >> earth's cousin 14rks light years away.
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police and bystanders list a car off a motorcycle trapped underneath it. >> all that -- >> a blown tire leads to a close call brsh. >> the rap artist future smoke filled the audience. >> -- and all that matters. >> reporter: the white house says they have some kind of a plan. >> they're going to put a radioshack sign out front. >> -- on "cbs this morning." president obama is heading to kenya. they're excited to see him. some are run 26.2 miles to see him. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gail king are off. we have anthony mace p and christine christine. >> krefl phone video shows the chaotic scene last night. police helped carry a wounded man from the building. >> three people were killed in the attack including shooter. nine others are hurt. police know the identity of the 58-year-old gunman but they have not released his name. the shooting happened in lafayette louisiana about an hour west of baton rouge. omar villafranca is outside the grand 16 theater. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this 16-screen theater doesn't allow any handguns of any type yet dozens of people came under fire during a showing of the comedy "train wreck." a witness tells cbs news it
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appears he started shooting randomly. it was 20 minutes into the film when the man opened fire with a handgun. he was sitting by himself. >> we look over to the left to see where the sound is coming from and it's the shooter. he stands up and he's shooting at the whole crowd. >> lucas was sitting in the same row as the gunman. he said there were several empty seats between them. >> six or seven seats down from us. he looks like a common guy, good looking guy, normal late 50s, white facial hair. said nothing. >> reporter: witnesses heard popping noises and saws of light. some ran out without their shoes and belongings.
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>> reporter: >> reporter: the lafayette police say when he spotted the officers he pulled the gun for the last time. >> he turned around went against the crowd and fired a single gunshot and that was on himself. >> we ask people for their thoughts, for their prayers. >> reporter: bobby jindal ran to the scene. >> he jumped ore her. >> by hitting the alarm, that warned everyone, something's happening, evacuate. she'sly could have saved multiple lives. >> reporter: the victims' injuries range from minor to critical. we're expecting an update later on this morning. christine? >> omar thank you. jeff pegues is in washington right now with what we know so far about the shooter. good morning. >> good morning. the authorities are rushing to
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lafayette, louisiana, as investigators work to determine a motive for this shooting. so far the investigators believe the gunman was acting alone and sources say increasingly it appears he was firing randomly at theatergoers. the policemen know who the gunman was but have not released his name. they describe him as 58-year-old lone white male. initially they saltd he was wearing a denim shirt when he opened fire. the atf is on the scene and will trace the handgun but they say he has a criminal history that does not include any recent arrests. police say there were about 150 people inside the thalter and he likely first shot individuals directly in front of where he was seated. police also located his car in the parking lot after the shooting and safely cleared the vehicle using a controlled explosion. now, we're expecting an update on the investigation in the next 30 minutes.
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christine. >> jeff, thank you. we will continue to monitor the situation in the movie theater rampage. we'll bring it to you right here on "cbs this morning." hillary clinton's e-mails could be a criminal matter. the justice department has been asked to open up a criminal investigation. two government watchdogs are concerned whether classified information was mishandled. jan crawford is in washington with the growing concern. good morning. >> good morning. they have ask it to open a criminal investigation. now, at issue is whether hillary clinton sent classified information on a private e-mail account she used when she was sake of state. she repeatedly has said she did not but the inspectors general told the justice department that her private account included hundreds of potentially chas feed e-mails including one that
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has already been released. now, in march clinton said she was careful in handling her information on her private account. she said i did not send any classified e-mail to anyone. there is no classified e-mail. she used it for convenience. since then she's released her e-mails, some 55,000 pages. the justice department has not said whether they're going to open up a issue. anthony? >> trump made a visit to the u.s. border with mexico. h brash billionaire drew both opposers and supporters. >> before he came here he warn thad he might not survive his
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visit and that might help explain why trump ended up decides to spend very little time here at the actual border. luke a soldier ready for battle donald trump landed in laredo and said he would take his life in his hands. >> they said, oh mr. trump, what you're doing is so dangerous. it's so dangerous. i have to do it. >> he got out of the plane and went to a building and emerged for a press conference under a tempt outside. trump's provocative claims about illegal immigrants have earned him both condemnation and new fans. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. they're taking our money and killing us on the border. >> but proof for those assertion has been hard to come become by.
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>> have you seen any evidence about it? >> yes, i have. i've about heard it from a lot of different people. >> what evidence do you have. >> we'll be showing the evidence. >> a tour of the border had to be scrapped after the local border patrol union pulled out. in a statement the regional office said we need to have an honest discussion about border security but unfortunately trump's comments have created an environment hostile to that conversation. the gop front-runner insisted his comments have been taken out of context. >> they'll want the problem fixed. >> at no point did his life appear to be in danger. in fact, they joked he might have been safer here than in his hometown of new york city because the murder rate is far lower here in laredo. >> nancy cordes thank you,
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nancy. in our next hour we'll talk with presidential candidate marco rubio. he's taking a leading role and we'll find out why he's so critical of trump on the issue. this morning there are homes in line of the a massive wild fooer. flames have shot 100 feet in the air and burned more than ten square fires. it's one of seven. ben tracy is in vac a ville right now. good morning. >> good morning. they've been throwing everything they have aet the fire. everybody is working the front lines. the good news is it's paid off. they have controlled the fire despite the fact that dozens are out of their homes. >> it's lurnld burned through
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thousands of acres. crews are attacking the flames from every ainge well planes from above and firefighters on the ground. some of the 13 helicopters have been using lake berry essa to fill their buckets. they say it's essential in the fight. >> the turn around time between the dipping and the dropping is a lot less. >> reporter: when elaine whitcomb returned to her home the yard was smoldering. >> i was afraid everything was going to be gone. they were able to save the structure. >> reporter: this ba nearby barn was destroyed, they want to get
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a lot of progress on the fires today because triple digit heat is forecast for this area started next week. this morning gusty winds could give new life to a wildfire in montana's glacier national park. the fire forced tourists to leave hotels and campgrounds. this morning president obama is on his way to africa on a trip that will make history. he will arrive this afternoon after stopping for refueling at an air force base in germany. he was born in kenya and will visit family members. major garrett is there. good morning. >> good morning. this is the first visit ever by a u.s. president to kenya. there's great anticipation. the last time barack obama was
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in kenya was 2006 when he was with the united states senate. the security here is as you might imagine, present. few roads are open and those that are flanked by the kenyan military. all of this in light of al shabaab shabaab. they staged two deadly attack. one in 2013 at westwood mall that killed 63 and a christian school that left 147 dead. he's also likely to criticize kenya's leadership for its staunch opposition to gay rights. >> thank you, major. before the president left for africa he defended the iran nuclear deal. he tells the bbc iran will be held accountable. >> and we've sent a clear message to the iranians.
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we're setting the i rap deal. hopefully some will work. somelitarymilitary. >> julianna goldman is on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. that lobbying earth will only intenseify within the next 60 days. some are calling it the mother of all congressional fights. >> it isn't a, quote, better deal some sort of unicorn arrangement. >> reporter: on capitol hill thursday secretary of state john kerry pushed back. >> the alternative to the deal that we have reached is not what i have seen some ads on tv suggesting disingenuously. >> reporter: but they are up against the country's biggest pro-israel bipartisanshiping group including apec and other coalitions.
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it's a lopsided fix compared to groups backing the nation. like jay street. a liberal group. but ads are flooding the airwaves. this spot from citizens free nuclear iran is viewed in 35 states. mark mcnulty is with the jewish coalition. >> would describe it as one of the largest we have seen in our lifetime. >> reporter: he needs support from his own party to prevent a possible override. on thursday he met with about a dozen undecided house democrats include congressman.
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>> reporter: to put that $40 million in perspective, christine, one watchdog told us gun advocate ss. this morning the pentagon has a new base for launching attacks on isis. turkey allowed the i u.s. military to fly military out of a key base. holly williams is in estan bull. good morning. >> good morning. it's just 60 miles from the syrian border. this turnaround comes from a week in which the syrian war spilled violently. >> on monday. a suicide bomber kled more than 13 people and yesterday they said five isis gunmen fired at a
7:18 am
turkish border post killing one soldier. then overnight three turkish fighter jobs bombed inside sear yachlt they've been widely criticized but yesterday they announced they're building a new wall. it seems the turkish government is threat not just in syria and iraq but also in turkey. anthony? >> holly williams in istanbul. thanks. >> mourners remember the visiting victims. troops and civilian yabs lined the highway to pay tribute before sunday's funeral. >> in nashville people stood to honor sergeant david wyatt before his funeral today.
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services will be held tomorrow in wisconsin for sergeant carson holmquist and massachusetts tuesday for sar jemt gun rynery thomas sullivan. the deal is valued at more than $54 billion and it comes after a year of tough negotiations between the two companies. the health insurer will coverage about 53 million in the united states and the deal is expected to close in the sand skopd half. coming up a bank robber stunned them with his after but
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>> announcer this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. could this be the earth's
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we ask presidential cand >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. want to head over to katie for your friday forecast, looking just fantastic. >> another beautiful day good morning, everyone, once again high pressure on our side. it will keep things very, very quiet for us for the next two days, at least, with the low humidity and the full sunshine for you. so you might imagine storm scan is totally empty as a result. bright blue skies over philadelphia right now. but, eventually, with time, we start to see those humidity levels rising. that will will start specially to become noticeable as early as sunday. and then monday, and tuesday we keep that theme going. so, while we do have cold front crossing through it, doesn't do anything to cool us down. but it does bring pattern change, so it is hot hazy, come tuesday. meantime sunday, monday, could touch off shower or
7:27 am
storm. meisha, over to you. >> we're sounding like broken record over here in the traffic center, as women. i can tell you, things looking good. no crashes to report. not even a disable vehicle right now here's a look at the blue route as you head northbound at route one, you can see nice steady flow. they are traveling less than posted speeds. how much, things are moving nice there. and also, the schuylkill expressway as you see moving eastbound, at spring garden into center city looking great. in fact, i've been saying the schuylkill expressway, all day today, has been looking good, then the ben franklin bridge coming out of new jersey into center city also looking good, there so just great morning erika, over to you. >> we take it, meisha, thank you. next update at 7:55, next on cbs this morning earl 2.0. nasa's latest out of this world dis cough i i'm erika von tiehl.
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she said she heard pops and then started seeing flashes. >> a whole group of people teenagers mainly telling everybody to run for their lives and we saw a lady with blood all of her leg. i grabbed my child and we all ran. >> she said he stood up and started shooting. >> witnesses describe a terrifying scene inside of a louisiana movie theater last night when a 58-year-old man opening fire. three died including shooter who killed himself. >> it happened 20 minutes into the movie "train wreck." omar villafranca is there with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the police tell me the shooter had a criminal history but they're not yet releasing his
7:31 am
name. those inside the thart said the shooter was sitting in a row by himself when he stoot upnd a start firing into a crowd just about 20 minutes into the movie. >> we heard two big bangs. we weren't sure what it was at first. and then a third one happened. it was like five more from there on. random shots from anywhere. that's when we freaked out and jumped and ran away. er in the lobby buying popcorn and what not just froze. i think everyone was in shock. >> louisiana governor bobby jindal came to the nadirs. he called last night. an awful moment. the fbi and atf are helping local authorities with the investigation. >> thank you so much. right now it's time to check some of this morning's
7:32 am
o'headlines. "usa today" says the veterans health administration has 41,000 vacancies. the lack of fully staffed hospitals is contributing to delays in veterans getting veteran care. >> the online retailer posted a $92 million profit in the second quarter. it had sales of more than $23 billion. the "washington post" reports on a big jump in egg prices. the index shows the average price we pay for eggs rose 23% in june. the single month spike is the largest in more than 30 years. eggs are no longer the cheaper source, the breasts are.
7:33 am
in an unprecedent move federal officials proposed a life sentence for stuart parnell. he's the former owner of the peanut corporation of america. he was convicted in con spir sirs in 20088 and 2009 that killed people. there's the arrest of a connecticut taneenager who built a drone that fived a gun. the arrest was not the result of the drone weapon. he was arrested for assaulting an office. prosecutors say sandra bland's injuries are consistent with suicide. the report concludes the
7:34 am
28-year-old hanged herself in her jail cell this month after a traf i in stop. he family reveesals it. good morning. the prosecutors went through the findings in great detail with reporters on thursday. we want to warn you some of the photos may be disturbing. >> prosecutors say there were no indications of damage to her head neck that would show a strug. >> the only injury that was found close to the hands were some lacerations or abrazens on her wrists which are consistent with being handcuffed and struggling during the handcuff process. >> as would be expected. the mark on her neck was uniform. there were superficial scrapes
7:35 am
or her back. >> it could be consistent with a knee in the ban and a tip struggle. that. >> the atopcy cyatopic there were high levels of marijuana in her system. >> get out of the car. i will light you up. >> it's unclear if she ingested the drug before or after she was violently arrested um even though the evidence so far points to suicide, officials say troubling questions remain about her arrest and death. >> if after all the evidence is gathered and a determination has been made that there are criminal violations my office would have a part in that. >> bland's family insists she
7:36 am
was not suicidal and there's conflicting information about her suicide risks and jail forms were due solely to bland's own answers to the question. norah? >> all right. mireya thank you. just 37% in a say the races are good. that is the most pessimistic view since the early 1990s. a suspect is in custody this morning. the so called snowbird bandit is accused of raiding four bags. it's not just his age. >> after movements the authorities arrested the elusive
7:37 am
bang bank robber. he's a retired police detective who serving 21 years in the lapd. >> it's shocksing to know at one time he was one of us. >> he's now suspected or five including this bank where he allegedly flashed a gun. >> perhaps he had some sense that he could outfox the police or get ahead. >> they tracked him down after family recognized him and called the police. >> they made contact with the sheriff's deputies. they were very cooperative. >> adair was one of the officers who was killed in 169. now adair himself kbould facing
7:38 am
charges. >> income it's almost like an act of insanity. >> for "cbs this morning," carter evans. >> what a strange connection. there may be another planet that's leak a near home. if you're heading off to work set your dvr so you can watch us any time. wu'd beright back. ok, let's try this online snacking thing again. ugh! rough around the edges. ugh... greasy... oh! dan n. oikos tasty and healthy. and if i don't love it, it's free? could be the perfect snack! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt is creamy and delicious and has 12g of protein and 0 fat. i think i found the perfect snack!
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so lindsey graham he gave me his number and i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. 202 -- >> graham's response wednesday was to row lease a video showing him zrieg cell phone in various ways.
7:43 am
>> i guess i'm probably late to this, but, you know you just had to change your number. >> it was a funny video. >> i know. i thought the same thing though. kepler-254b is named for the kepler telescope. they call it a an older bigger cousin to earth. lee, good morning. >> good morning. >> i think the first thing we all thought is well can we ggo there. given the mass we all weigh twice as much and i don't want to go there. >> how much is it? >> if you put plants there, they'd photosin the size just fine.
7:44 am
the light would be wonderful but it's heavier, thicker atmosphere rngs , active volcanos things like that. >> what does it mean? >> there are lots of planets. >> could there be life on it. >> there could be. we don't know. this thing is 1,400 light years away. . we'd like to find some closer. >> you call it the goalldilocks. >> they say given the age it hasn't had enough time to
7:45 am
develop. >> it may be a version of our earth in the future. >> uh-huh. >> and the big picture takeaway is there are huge numbers of planets that can can go find. we remember when there were nine. now there are thousands. >> that's the significance of kepler. it's the most successful planet finder ever right? >> yeah. and what they're doing is pturning it down. by knowing how many around us have them we can use scopes to check for life that things here on earth give off. >> with all these earth-like planets, how can we discover? >> what you want to do is build a big space telescope.
7:46 am
it could be $5 billion, maybe $0 billion, 1 billion. we could build something pretty small and look at it's methane is the sage. if it's 10 or 1100 light years away they'll have to build something more exciting. >> >> that's interesting find. if they're watching. good morning, thank you. 3,000 pounds. a life on the line. see what rescuers
7:47 am
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a herbavy-duty rescue. they lift a car to save a woman trapped underneath. she was riding a moik when she crashed into the car flew off her bike and got caught under the car. they tried using a jab. they used elbow grease getting the job done. the woman is doing oklahoma this morning. >> glad to hear that. that's a horrific looking scene. they say the nuclear agreement with iran. ahead, we'll talk with the republican president at candidate and how he says he could get a better deal. your local news is next.
7:52 am
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ahead, peter greenberg, how the government could step in. your from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning i'm erika von tiehl. want to head right over to katie for your friday and weekend forecast, just looking wonderful, kate. >> i it continues to do so, absolutely. i mean, what's this, now day three of more of the same, you have the sunshine, low humidity, still have the summer like warmth. so you can still hit the pool. you can still wear your shorts and t-shirt and actually feel comfortable throughout the day. storm scan3, nice and empty beautiful blue skies across the board here, and that's doing wonders for your eyewitness weather health report. that's for sure. air quality remains very, very good. pollen levels are pretty low and i think as we approach the fall, in a month or two that's going to start to change. but keep in mind the uv index as you might imagine still pretty high. sun block required obviously right through tomorrow.
7:57 am
sunday, shower thunderstorm, with the next front moving through. humidity starts to spike. meisha, over to you. >> i got the sun block in my car, thanks, katie. good morning everyone, happy friday to you. tgif. live look outside our map, rather we've construction on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between downingtown to valley forge that whole stretch. but i can tell you right now i just looked at the speed censor map. you guys are all droving posting speeds regardless of the moving construction. your senser map, see 76, schuylkill expressway, coming into center city, starting to slow down just a bit. ninety-five moving in the south berks direction towards center city, as well, slowing down but not much. well, kind of up around i would say girard, slowing down little bit. but overall things are looking okay for this friday morning over to you erika. >> thank y
7:58 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's friday july 24th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more details ahead at a louisiana theater. a witness explains how he and others escaped the gun fooe. first here's look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> dozens of people came under fire last night. witnesses told cbs news it appears he started shooting randomly. >> he's described as a 58-year-old white male. >> they asked to open a criminal investigation.
8:01 am
[ inaudible ] >> yes i have. i have heard it. >> they have within throwing everything they have. this morning you don't see a lot of firefighters. they're working on the front line. >> president obama is due to arriving in nairobi. the first presidential visit. >> the fact that he was at one time enforcing the law. >> i came down to see if one of the hard-working employees wants to take a break. >> stay out there a little bit longer. >> could i take the bun off? it's like 95 degrees. >> i'm norah o'donnell with thoernlts mason. charlie and gayle are off. good to have both of you here. police are expected to provide updates.
8:02 am
a gunman opened fire about 20 minutes into the movie trainwreck. three people were killed including gunman. nine others are recovering from injuries. >> police fwhoe the shooter is and are investigating the motive. omar villafranca is outside the grand theater. good morning. >> good morning. we're expected to get updates in about 15 minutes. i spoke with louisiana governor bobby jindal. he's praising the authorities and the two teachers one of whom pulled the alarm. he's calling them heroes. let me tell you what we do know. a 58-year-old shot and killed two people before turning the gun on himself. witnesses heard popping noises and saw flashes of light. we know police officers carried several from the theater. several ran out without their shoes and abandoned their
8:03 am
belongings. lucas described it. bobby jindal wanted to drive home what he saw from law enforcement. >> we now learn the shooter was going to try to escape with the crowd. all of a sudden he saw the local police and went back in and shot and killed himself. a lot of quick thinking. we had a couple of teachers, one of whom who jumped in front of the other. the other teacher shot in the leg. still manage jed to pull the fire alarm. >> so far investigators believe that the gunmen acted alone. he appears to have been firing randomly. they do know the identity and that he had a criminal past. they've not released his name
8:04 am
yet. hopefully we get the name in the next 15 minutes. >> thanks omar. president obama has been briefed on the louisiana shooting. the thoughts and prayers of the president and first lady are with them. early barack obama got candid about the issue of guns. >> if you ask me where is the one area i've been most frustrated and stymied is that the united states is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws even in the face of repeat eded mass killings. >> the president said he'll try to make progress in the final 18
8:05 am
months in office. secretary of state john kerry defended the agreement before the senate foreign relations committee. kerry says it's a, quote, faemt to think the u.s. failed to hold out for a better deal. he had a particularlily heated skparmg. rubio said the next president can scrap the deal. >> i listened to a long list of alternatives but -- >> i sure have secretary kerry. >> i'm confident the next president of the united states will have enough common sense that if this is being applied properly if it's being implemented fully, they're not going to just arbitrarily end it. >> senator marco rubio is with us from capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. >> i warrant to ask you about
8:06 am
that. it's a fantasy to think you can bomb away iran's knowledge. what specifically is your alternative alternative. >> this is a country that has a long list of violations. they have two secret sites that neither the israelis or u.s. knew they had after starting for years. i believe we should have kept these sanctions in place not only for the u.s. but increase them. what unraveled the global coalition in those statements is when we went in. would moving foormd they had to abandon their missiles and enrich management faye silt ss moving forward, we have to
8:07 am
decide. >> senator, the u.n. has the unanimous support. you heard the saudi minister say they support the deal. will congress have the vote to override a presidential veto? >> it will depend who joins us. the question is whether enough democrats will join in this effort. otherwise the president will veto it and it will go into place. this is a deal with the obama administration. it itsoo s not a treaty. if it's me i will reimpose the american sanctions that are in the law right now. >> senator, is in any realistic demand you would have supported? >>. >> yeah. why are they building a long
8:08 am
lang missile other than for that. the other thing is they're going to get billions of dollars in sanction relief which every indication in their history means they'll use it for things around the world. that proxy in in hezbollah, in iraq rj the country. this is where they tried to dismantle them a handful of years ago. >> has the support of the u.n. secretary kerry says if we walk away from this from our partners we're basically on our own and we'll have squandered our best chance to stop iran. >> well, first of all, i don't think our foreign policy should be set by the united nations or anything. the united states has to act on its own interest. second offal, we had it because
8:09 am
it let us there. we know for a fact the french wanted a deal stronger than the one that came out. they'll have significant concerns about the issues i pointed to. the most important alli israel. name're firmly against the deal. you mentioned the saudis for a moment. they're using the dip employee lat eric lanch. whatever iran has, they'll now have. >> senator can i ask you about some of the news overnight that two inspector generals have now sought a krd inquiryit. what's your thoughts on that? >> i have team concerns about the use of those e-mails because they contained senseitive united
8:10 am
states government. even more concerning is the constant drama that surrounds anyplace anything krinlton. it's not just now or the e-mails. it's a long string of things or some other drama. we a nation cannot afford four years of that. >> senator, donald trump is heedings in the polls. rick perry called him a cancer. what do you think? >> not in the long run. i'm up higher than i've been. these polls are basically who's measuring. donald trump is strongly
8:11 am
benefitted from that honestly i believe the only way to change is from a real plan. from the technological changes and also about playing a p brother royal in the world in terms of leading three people in the plan. >> thank you, senator. we appreciate you being with us. ahead, airlines are harolder to make it easier to
8:12 am
ahead, new developments in a high-station investigation after a dream turns deadly. >> i'm susan spencer "48 hours." a wall street millionaire shot dead in a costa rican paradise. his wife convicted of murder then set free now about to
8:13 am
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8:16 am
she had it all and then lost everything, but this morning the widow of a wall street titan is in a new fight to reclaim her fortune and her freedom. when "48 hours" first reported
8:17 am
this story the court first convicted ann bender in murdering her husband in a jungle paradise. her conviction was set aside but she's not out of trouble. tomorrow night susan spencer brings her report. >> john and ann bender abandoned wall street and using their earnings to create an exotic new life in a costa rica rainforest. but their dream ended when in 2010 john bender died from a single gunshot to his head. it was said he was always suicidal and she tried to get the gun away from him. >> reporter: a kfen court said it was murder. after they afterward they said there wasn't enough to present a conviction.
8:18 am
>> i can't leave the country. >> reporter: for ann and her husband john costa rica had once been paradise. four floors 50,000 square feet, no walls or windows at all. >> we built the house to our taste, which is crazy. >> the house was the scene of a wildlife refuge. >> it was love at first sight for both of us. >> reporter: but a friend said the peace and happiness they had it was not meant to be. according to a reporter and cbs consultant, that withdrew bought guns hired guards and livinged in near total isolation and just after midnight on january 8th 2010 ann designs waking up to see her husband pointing a gun at his head.
8:19 am
>> i tried to grab the gun. >> were you able to get it? >> no. i was able to get my hands around his and the gun slipped and it went off. >> though acquitted at her first trial, there's no double jeopardy and prosecutors tried her again. this time she was convicted. >> this is where john bender died. >> "48 hours" hired experts to review the evidence. >> i'm pretty convinced it was an accident. >> the prosecution is wrong. >> but prosecutors still believe she's guilty of murder. next month she'll stand trial for the third time. >> i learned there's nothing i can't survive. >> and susan spencer is now with us. good morning. >> good morning. so she's out of prison.
8:20 am
what's to prevent her from leaving the country? >> they took her passport away. she's requiring to check in every week. >> those two experts we heard you talking to, are they going to play a role? >> the defense has asked them to be in the courtroom as consult consultant consultants. they could do the experiments that show she probably is telling the truth. >> that's tomorrow night 10:00, 9:00 central here on cbs. gravity strikes back. ahead a first-time passenger finds why flyling with the blue angel angels. that's next on "cbs this morning." cnuggets for just five dollars. (minions): ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ (raspberries
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8:24 am
a navy support crew member learned what separates pilots from the rest of us. he got to ride along with the blue angels. he passes out for a few seconds. he's now the subject of eegz from the angels. >> that's what would happen if you did that. >> you've got to do your breathing technique. can the music you listen to
8:25 am
affect the way you think? >> new good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. philadelphia police special victims aoun sit investigating a sexual assault at a hotel. it happened early tuesday at the microtell on tinicum boulevard. police say a man sexually assault add 25 year old woman at gunpoint, tide her arms, and then stole $500. investigators think at least one of two other robberies at the microtell this month may be connected to this attack. right now, we want to get your friday and your weekends forecast with katie. stretch of weather is just terrific. >> keeps ongoing. more of the same. once again erika full sunshine, with brit blue skies, with continued high pressure just stuck overhead. we'll take it. it looks absolutely phenominal
8:26 am
outside. 74 degrees temperature outside middle township high school. finding similar temperatures pretty much everywhere else. warming up efficiently here. still have the northwest component to the winds flow, keep the drier air in place so humidity just not an issue. region wise, even on the outskirts of the delaware vale, you have nice clear sky, all across the better part of the northeast. this keeps ongoing tomorrow. by sunday still some sun but likely see shower or storm probably start to notice the humidity ramp up at least a little by that point as well. meisha, over to you. >> thanks, good morning everyone, well we are just kind of pushing out of the rush hour right now still very busy, looking outside, 95 southbound, stretched between the woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. it is going to take you about 22 minutes, so we typically see this, although, it is lingering into the 8:30 hour moving toward 9:00. just know 95 southbound is actually very busy right now also, 422 eastbound before trooper road as you move it toward that king of prussia
8:27 am
area you can see very, very slow moving there as well, also, 42 freeway northbound in new jersey, slow there as well. over to you. >> thank you next update at 8: 55, next on cbs this morning, comic
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour some travel sites are not finding you the best deals. we'll show you how airlines and hotels are making it difficult for bargain hunters and where you can still find cut price offers. plus comic books with the real life hoour. congressman lewis is showing jan crawford how he's showing a new generation with the civil rights movement. love this story. it's right ahead. right now it's time to show you this story from around the globe. "the philadelphia inquirer" reports on a mural of bill cosby that has been painted over. the artwork was deteriorating
8:31 am
and was scheduled to be due up. the "chicago tribune" introduces the revamp of the chuck taylor niquers. the chum 2ck 2 will be out july 28. >> i bought my kids some. they love them. the ceo says it's the they're looking at how las vegas is hoping to lose its wedding bell blues. they lost 37% of their business between 2004 and 2014. that amounts to a loss of about a billion dollar a year. county commissioners voted tuesday to increase the marriage license fee from $60 to $77.
8:32 am
all to boost the city's income from weddings. london's independent reports on taste in music with how people think. do you like this? ♪ or perhaps you prefer this. ♪ the study finds thatfan of the sex pistols are better organized but those who like queen understand other's emotions. >> what kind of music do you like? >> i like both of those bands. there, did i get out of that one? >> yes. care to run for office in the future? what an answer. divers found a shipwreck
8:33 am
found in 19899. they discovered this steamer under water in lake michigan. it was cared 9 million barrels of flour. >> you can look for the best on line travel bargains. they're getting fewer flights because carriers are holding back their business. new york senator chuck schumer is calling for a get real investigation for airlines that refuse to allow their fares on ore wides. peter greenberg joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what is happening? >> let's go back a little bit in history. when they started these otas it came at a time when the airlines were in big trouble financially and they went and said hey,
8:34 am
let's sell your untold inventory. what they're trying to do is restrict their fare and schedule information from these sites. for example. delta has removed it from over 12 different sites. they're now charging $18. >> does this include expedia and orbit? >> it's starting to do that yes. and so what you're seeing is when you look at the total amount of money that these online agencies are booking every year the airlines and the hotels are saying we want some of that. >> peter, trip adviser sent us the following statement. the recent action of some airlines restricting the information threatens consumers' act to get the fuller picture which will lead to higher prices. how will it do that?
8:35 am
>> laul of supply and demand. the real big battle is in the hotels because most people don't realize that most of the hotels are big brands. they charge high franchise fees. now the owners are upset. why? they're getting most of their bookings online and they have to pay them a commission. they're going back to the fran chai zees. >> hotels are pulling away too. >> you bet. >> it sounds like the airlines and the hotel sort of got smart and said let's play hart ball. >> they want to bridge it back inhouse. >> that creates more work for us. now i have to be on the computer for two hours. >> it's called back to the future. human being.
8:36 am
it's okay. trust but verify. call the individual hotel because they may have inventory that's not on anyone's website. >> i was surprised only half goes online. >> isn't that amazing? what about the other 48ch? that's what they hold back. >> that's good. people would really have that. i'm a little flexible but what could you find me. >> it dupd hurt. >> from the halls of congress to come inkrahn,
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
a civil rights legend known for his words is sharing his story through pictures. congressman john lewis is writing a series of comic books called march. they show historic moments in equal rights. jan crawford is on the national mall. jan, i just love this story. >> reporter: he's 75 years old but he was a young man when he
8:41 am
got involved. he still believes that change can come about through paezful protest a than's something he hopes to convey through young congress books. this is history being passed to a new generation. marching with young students in california, recreating a pivotal moment. in 1965 lewis led some 600 people across the edward pettus bridge. they were met by state troopers with knife sticks and tear gas. >> on that day i thought we would be arrested and jailed. but we were beaten and left bloody and unconscious at the fight of the bridge. >> reporter: it tells the story of lewis's life and the fight for equal rights. the idea came from the congress's staffer and co-writer
8:42 am
andrew i'deiden who grew up a comic fan. >> i saw justice. nobody embodied that more fully than john lewis. >> when you're a kid there are parallels. >> i wanted to help out. i wanted to make that contributioncop tri contribution contribution. i didn't want to define it as white only or black only. >> he had to go to the annual convection called comic comic-con. this year the congressman wore his superhero outfit. a trench coat and back pack like
8:43 am
what he marched in decadest decades. >> i had a tooth brush, two books. that's what i had in 1965. >> he marched through the convention hall and along the way the crowd grew. >> marched with little children. wonderful little children. we marched onto the floor of the convention center. it was unrear. >> this 9-year-old and 10-year-old were part of the march. valerie was holding the girl's hand. >> he empowers me to fight for what is right, not give up so ease li. >> they boenlt red his comic book and wanted to meet him and call him a super here.
8:44 am
>> they're meant to help people and that's skpanl will what john lewis does. >> he's trying to be an agent of change change. >> it's to inspire people to say when i see something not right, not fair i rmgs to, can do something. i can speak up. it's actually a trilogy. he's working on it right now. expected to come out next year. >> thank you very much. i love the idea and what an true aydin said he wanted a comic book because as a kid that's where he saw justice. that's so true. >> he is a real life superhero.
8:45 am
so i'm glad they'reit's coming up it's so exciting. >> tomorrow, 50 years to the day since bob dylan went electric at the newport folk fesk. how it turned on the national scene. it's still friday. i'll take you there. >> i'm going to roy wow. >> up next the most pivotal charchls of the week. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:46 am
8:47 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected.
8:48 am
restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
8:49 am
that's u2 concert last night. charlie, fwail and i went there. we saw them play at madison square garden in new york city. as you know gayle, come on out, let's take pictures. at the arena we met bono backstage before the show. i don't know if you can tell his hair is blond now. ran into house minority leader nancy pelosi. it was a fun night. as gayle put it we stayed up late on a school night. >> by the way, where are they? i would like to say where are they? >> you get credit. the shooting you did there, a little bouncy. lucky you don't shoot your own stories. >> i'm really glad you're here
8:50 am
this morning. >> thanks. >> that does it for us. anthony might be here tomorrow. >> he will. >> be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news" where charlie rose is filling in for your scott pelley. as we leave, let's take a look at the week that was. have a great weekend. >> you have this guy lindsey graham a foldaltotal lightweight. >> heyou don't have to run for president and be a jackass. >> disgraced. >> donald trump owes an apology. >> dozens came under fire. >> he was standing up shooting at the whole place. >> temperatures have been downright unbearable it's horrible. lawful. i'm sweating like a
8:51 am
pig. >> sanbland's family members are outraged. >> i'll let you up. get out testify car now. >> >> if something sungt working -- >> play golf for a living. i'm great for that. ♪ we come together because opposites attract ♪ >> it's like hell on one side. >> i did not want to sell the mother house to katy perry. >> you would not. >> no i would not. oh, gosh i'd better not say.
8:52 am
>> tell me you were not diverted. >> that's when you start pulling out your hair. >> i've got to meet with the pope. >> hello. >> welcome to the hotel. >> thank you. >> ask me a question but don't ask me a difficult question because i'm a robot. >> i would prefer a sexier voice myself. >> charlie. charlie, it's trike to get even. i have to say you were watching like this. you gained 15 muscles. i'm not going to go because it's art art. >> you're smitten. >> i'm smitten. how could you tell?
8:53 am
>> i love you. >> so predictable. >> man.
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i am area kay von tiehl. authorities have identified alleged gunfire within the half hour, police showed picture of 59 year old drift err, john russell howser, of alabama. they say that howser started shooting about 20 minutes into a movie last night in lafayette, louisianna. two people were killed, several others injured. howser took his own life as police closed in. right now, checking with katie, man there is weather is just terrific, and we have more of this coming up today right? >> utley, even lasting us into the upcoming weekends, too erika. yes, pattern just won't quit for us. eventually it does shift lit bit here, but two more days of this tone joy. we get you out there show you
8:56 am
what's happening not heck of a lot with high pressure built in place. don't often see too much in the way of cloud cover. certainly aren't finding any weather to cross across the northeastern us here at all today with the high just set up. it will keep place for the next two days. so perfect beach day 82 degrees, low rip countries being, as well, which is obviously critical, too but always swim near the lifeguards. next couple of days, keeping the theme going mid to upper 80s, humidity starts to spike specially noticeable by sunday. mere, a over to you. >> thank you tgif to all of you just maybe popping on by. traveling 202 southbound, do have accident in the king of prussia area at gulph road. right lane blocked, you can see, we do have pedestrians and crew out on foot. always give yourself couple of extra minutes right lane blocked there. then also we do have some construction little north that far on 202 also moving in the southbound direction at dekalb street. here you can see the far right lane also blocked the left
8:57 am
lack blocked sorry only slow traffic you have is on the right lane, again crews out on site so just give yourself couple of extra minutes of the overall, i look at the map, it is looking pretty good. you have got all of your majors, the regulars busy, but overall things starting to calm down. back to you. >> thank you that's "eyewitness news" for now. "eyewitness news" at
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> we're giving everything you need to make your weight loss dreams a success. >> from liz taylor's chip youat like a star. >> i did lose weight on that. >> then the most dramatic weight loss in the history of our show.s, e >> lost a whopping 600 pounds! >> the secret to his success. and is this plus-size model sending a dangerous message t fans? o [cheering and applauding] >> no gimmicks, no games, we're giving you the big fat truth and everything you need to make your weight loss dreams a success. but before we get ips, check out this picture. this is plus-size model tess holliday, she has a makiinto t


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